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Rich, why would that happen unless the pickup was not seated properly?
a few things contribute to it Ryan, I binned my system so I never really found the cause,
I ran twin tomei pumps and the base pressure dropped, I then changed to areomotive pumps and the same happened with them, unless it was full to the top I couldn't get the system to work safely, my syvecs kept tripping my fuel trip every hard run, be it on the road/track/drag strip, obviously I would of been none the wiser if I was running a link/apexi or likewise unless I checked logs!

I think due to the design of the 33 tank and where the pick up was located under hard driving the fuel wasn't where it needed to be, so the twin pumps picked up some air and that was enough to trip the syvecs!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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