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Hello Everyone,

Just got a new line of Gauges that are almost ALL in stock and were SUPER excited to offer this line of gauges to your guys! These are a more economical gauge that is a better price but still maintain HIGH quality.

These gauges are HALF the cost of DEFI! HALF!!!

STRI sells a SLM Smoke line that is identical to the BF that comes with White or Amber LED.

STRI has also a X Line but will be discontinued soon for the new X2 Line.

These come in 52mm or 60mm and you can go to our website to get more information on them with a preview and pictures.

Powerhouse Racing | Your Toyota, Porsche, Nissan and Lexus Performance Parts Source

Scroll to the bottom to click on the line of gauges to see all prices.

PM what you would be interested in and will offer package prices.

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