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My friend has tasked me with making his R32 faster. What does everyone have in their garage that he could possibly use?

Current setup:

Blitz filter, decat and a 3" diameter exhaust.

He also needs a near side rear shock absorber if anyone has any for sale.

Sort of things I am looking for for the engine:

Fuel pump, fuel pressure gauge, EGT gauge, uprated turbo charger, ECU with some enhancements (assuming that hiking the boost up will just put more fuel in, so a bit no-no).

Thanks in advance, this car is rather slow and needs all the help it can get, I think it used to be an Automatic and was converted to Manual at some point. I assume the boost on these things are the same regardless of what transmission? I have not yet connected a boost gauge, but the boost comes in lazily, so expecting an ECU controlled solenoid :chairshot
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