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Afternoon everyone : >

I'm a student in my final year at Dundee University (in Scotland, UK) studying Interactive Media Design. The main focus of our final year in IMD is a project that makes up 50% of the final mark, and is presented at the degree show in May, so as you can imagine we end up putting a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears into our projects.

I am focusing my project on creating a network for a niche user group - automotive photographers and enthusiasts. For now, the network is called Zoom, but this may change if anyone comes up with anything better/Mazda decide to sue me.

Ok, so my main idea is to create a tagging system, much like Facebook and Flickr, where people can upload images and tag them. In the Zoom network the same thing applies, but as it is focused on automotive photography people are uploading high quality images, just like Flickr, and then tagging the mods that they have done to their cars. This eventually creates a database of nice images that people can search through - have you ever wanted to find a bunch of images of a specific model, in a specific colour, sitting on a specific set of wheels? Well that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve with this network.

What I need for now is content to help build the foundations of the network. I'm looking for photos of your/your friends car(s) that you would happily showcase online, along with a list of all the mods featured in the images. I need as many as possible as the more data I have, the more I can test everything before I start proper scary user testing with real people.

If you want to get involved (please get involved) can you start sending links to flickr galleries, actual images, ideas, suggestions, anything relevant to [email protected].

Please also provide the name of the forum you're from as well as your username on the forum.

Don't hesitate to start discussions on this thread as well, any input at all is helpful!
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