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right, i'm looking for a GTR. i'm keeping my options open as to wether to go for a 32 or a 33, i'm still undicided, so i'm in the market for either at the moment.

i have two choices though..

I'm either looking for one that is a good car and ready to go, for the right money,

or a crashed, or blown GTR that needs work on it, anything considered.

Ideally i would prefer the second option, as i'm looking to respray the car my signiture colour, and to tune the engine aswell, so i'm not scared off if the cars a dog, as the money saved on the car will go to the rebuild.

So basically, hit me with whatever GTR's you have for sale.

I'm in Taunton, Somerset. But will travel anywhere in the UK for the right car.


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gtr's eh

hey man, you should have a look at they have a couple of really nice r33 gtrs. ones a midnight purple the others white, i live near and have seen both cars and there both really sweet examples. plus there in buckfastleigh south devon near exeter so there not that far from you.
definatly worth a butchers!

good luck bro

:) j

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I've got a R33 GTR silver 75,000 miles, big pipe, induction kit.
Clifford concept 650 alarm.
Just MOT'd today (12 Aug). Going for a tune up Monday as
its running lumpy. 6 months MOT
Thought I was gonna keep it, but just had my WRX Sti nicked
and am scared this is gonna get nicked.
Want £11k for it - based in Leicester.

Had a viewer - V8 guitar from this forum... but it wasnt MOT'd
and was running lumpy, so he said he would have another look
when done.


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