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I am looking for a set of 25/30's to upgrade to, I will also consider similar turbo's of a different make.

Please PM me if you have anything suitable.


Jamie M

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I have a set of 2530's for sale as part of a Mines R34 kit.

This is the same kit Shin has fitted to his R34.

The parts I have are :-

2 * HKS 2530's

1 Mines inlet cam.

1 Mines exhaust cam.

2 adjustable cam pulleys

1 Mines front pipe pro.

1 R34 Mines ECU.

1 set of injectors to match the above ECU.

1 set of Mines high capacity Air Flow meters.

I will only sell the above turbos with the above kit, or with David Yu's R33 Mines ECU which I also have.
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