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100% not an rb25det, has 2 intake chambers up the top for a start, and twin cam 2000 written on it :D
Dude forget there is no Diesel R34 . And be it for the simple reason that Diesel cars are banned from most japanese prefectures and Diesel Trucks can only be registred in not dense popualted prefectures . . .

You searched GOO and what you found are idiots who made wrong adverts, as anyway the howl GOO stuff is basicly: japanese with no english clue typing what ever to fill the lines and export some miserable cars to the open world.

The pic above is fom the Neo 2.0 liter streight 6 RB20DE N/A with 155HP used in the 4door and 2 door GT and GT-fours . It comes from the RB20DE (non-Neo) with 150HP. It doesn't have the red writing for some obscure reasons . . . RB25DEs have none in some Skyline model as well. If I am not wrong the red color is for the manual mission versions.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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