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If you haven't already heard, the forum is delighted to be home to a brand new club for GT-R enthusiasts!! Here's the details...

In association with Nissan Motor GB, Nissan Europe and Nissan Japan the Founder Members of the GT-R Drivers Club (GTRDC) are delighted to formally announce a brand new Club for the GT-R and Skyline community.

Joining forces, and making its home with the longest running GT-R forum the GTRDC brings together the knowledge and experience of with a group of Founder Members with passion, breadth of ownership and ambition.

The Club's aims are to ensure that all drivers, enthusiasts and anyone passionate about the brands and cars are included. Regardless of membership of other clubs, organisations, social media groups or forums the GTRDC welcomes all to be involved as much, or as little, as they like.

The forum will be hosting a Membership area for club news, minutes of meetings, formal Club business and an open Events area so everyone can get involved and see the friendship and share the enjoyment in the cars we all love.

During 2018 the GTRDC will be working to formalise a fantastic calendar of events which will include Autosport this weekend, Silverstone Classic, Track Days (with a BTCC driver instructor), Carfest and some events in association with Nissan which will be revealed once we finalise plans. We are also hoping to be able to get up close and personal with some Nissan Motorsport events over the coming year.

Membership will be £25 per year but, for 2018, we are offering an 'Enthusiast Membership' at just £10. Full annual Membership will be available from the start of 2019 once everyone is aware what the GTRDC has to offer and on knowing our 2019 plans.

The Club has been formed to create a welcoming environment for everyone, whether dreaming of your first car or buying your next in the collection. We are a responsible Club and any abusive or anti-social behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated among Members or Founder Members. The goal is simply to create a fantastic experience where we enjoy the cars which brought us all together in the first place.

The Founding Members and Inaugural Officers of the GT-R Drivers Club are:

Shaun Lawless, Jack Roberts, Dylan Roberts, Pat Pomfret, Barry Pomfret, Roger Burgess Chairman, John Miskin, Toni Leadbeater Secretary, Ian Smith Treasurer, Dave Warrener Vice Chairman, Steve Riches, Adam Hill and Paul Kenney.

Honorary Members associated with Nissan and Nismo in the UK, Europe and Japan will be invited to be Honorary Members in recognition of their help in the founding of the Club and their enthusiasm for GT-R.

What will you get for membership? During 2018 and beyond the club intends to run a variety of exclusive events:
-Track days at Silverstone and other circuits
-European and UK Tours and a future trip to Japan
-UK Car Shows and Events
-Social Meets
-Exceptional, one off events ranging from access all areas Nurburgring 24 Hours and Blancpain to 24 Hours of Spa.

If you are interested in becoming an Event Manager for the GTRDC please contact us! An Event Manager will be the point of contact for all organisation for the event in question and will be asked to post pictures on social media, and, depending on the event, your entry to the event may be sponsored. Event Managers will also qualify for FREE membership!! (For the first year a refund will be given on completion of the event!)

Coming soon!
- we will be offering exclusive email addresses free for use by members
- GTRDC memorabilia and clothing! When this is finalised we will invite you to visit our shop Please feel free to sign up for an account in the meanwhile.

For additional information please contact [email protected]

If you are at Autosport at the weekend please come and visit us on Stand 9240!!
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