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Hi chaps,

I bought these pumps brand new from the USA about 12 months ago, never been used. Removed from packaging then put back in and stayed boxed up since then. These are not big enough for the revised build spec. hence the reason for sale.

This is a 1000hp setup as put together by a senior tech at Weldon with the 1100-A as a lift pump feeding a surge tank then the D2015-A as the high pressure pump to the rail.



Ideally they should be sold together for someone looking to upgrde their fuel system and never have to work about it even again. And if they ever do kak themselves, you can rebuild it with a cheap kit purchased from Weldon! Try doing that with a Bosch or Walbro.

I will sell them separately as both can be used individually anyway but I needed two pumps as I was running a surge tank.

D2015-A can be had for $700.00 AUD
1100-A can be had for $400.00 AUD

Prices are firm, will ship at buyer expense.

Thanks all,

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