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As there have been a few delays getting the starlet, i thought i'd go back to Crail to give the car one more blast before she goes at the start of next week!
It was a nice hot sticky afternoon, so i thought i'd go for broke, warm the tyres up with some smoking action etc!

My previous best was a 14.9 quarter at 90 odd MPH, but this time my first run of the day was a 14.7, and my next run after that was a 14.4 at about 100 i think, my speedo showed 105 but its not entirely accurate! I think I may have been the fastest relatively standard GTS-T R33 there!

I am starting to wonder why i'm getting rid of it, I really am starting to get the skyline bug! If money wasnt so tight!!
The J-tuner guys were also there, but didnt really do much or speak to anyone, looked like they couldnt be arsed if I was being completely honest!!

I will have to do some work to the starlet to get 1/4 mile times like this I think!!:clap:
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