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I am a great believer in credit where credit is due, and I have to say Westover (Gerard Reidy assisted by Marion Carr) who have just delivered my car have been fantastic.

I picked the car up last Thursday evening - a Black, Black Edition with SatNav and it is truly everything I had hoped for and more.
The whole ordering and delivery process from placing my deposit (in early April 2008) to collection last week has not been without the occasional hitch or bump in the road, but every time something has come up Westover and Gerard have been great.

I am slightly unusual as a customer as I bought the car tax-free for export, and this has meant that Westover had to negotiate the various Customs and Immigration hurdles to make this happen for me, but they are now officially experts at this! If anyone else is in a position to be able to buy tax-free for export I would whole heartedly recommend them.

Prior to collection I had my car prepared and detailed by John Drake (of John's Wax) and having heard all the stories (and seen some of the evidence) of what an absolute nightmare black GT-Rs can be, I can only say he did a wonderful job.
John has looked after a couple of cars for me and his work is truly outstanding - again I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone considering having their car prepared for delivery or detailed.
The guys at Westover I think were astonished by the time and effort he put in to my car and the results were brilliant.
I drove 700 miles in the car on Sunday, through the gale force winds and driving rain and my car still looks like it just rolled out of the showroom!

So I am just a very happy new GT-R owner saying a public 'thank you' to those who made it happen for me.

Westover and John Drake - the perfect combination.:clap:
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