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Only just got in the house after going to litchfields for the first time today. I then had to pop to the office to catchup, god forbid I have a day off!

Anyway my little adventure started at 6.30, some breakfast and on the road for 7am. I was at litchfields at 8.30 and was surprised to see so many Gtr's. Must have been 25 there. I walked in and said hello and the car was quickly taken in the garage for their bellhousing replacement. I also wanted my steering wheel fitted, a warranty inspection, and new front discs and pads. I would have been out of there by 2pm if it wasn't for the additional jobs.

I really enjoyed seeing the ECU readings too, my car had only ever been launched once and temps have never got to 110 or above so it's doubtful it's ever seen a track. Makes me feel a lot more comfortable about the car I have bought

The whole day was faultless, the staff were all very helpful and Iain spent ages chatting with me and probably got no work done, apologies for that Vegas boy :clap: everything they seem to say and do just makes sense, I never realised how much product development they are involved with too.

Iain also gave me a fabulous deal on discs and a new Pagid pad to try so I will give feedback on that in the coming weeks so that others can maybe use them in the future with a bit on confidence

Anyway thanks again and I wouldn't take my gtr anywhere else, ever. Don't forget my invite to any track days/events!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts