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Hi friends,

I have a GTR34 with the following mods;

HKS Silent Hiper
Apexi Front Pipe
Abbey De Cat
Abbey Restrictor Plate
Trust Intake
Power FC D-Jetro
Pipes for Air Flow Meter Removal
Blitz Boost Controller
OS Gigen Triple Plate Clutch
Nismo Intercooler
Apexi Fuel Pump
HKS Cam Shaft
HKS Cam Pulleys

I have 393 wheel power and 449 bhp. I want to achieve around 500 wheel power and 600 bhp. Can anyone help me with the mods I need (turbos, injectors and etc)? Ad of course where I can buy them cheaply?


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not sure (and I'm no expert at all!) but from what I've read in the past and having looked at your list maybe an uprated oil cooler - I know its not turbo advice but everyone I've spoke to with a gtr says when they've fitted a better oil cooler they notice a big difference :)
mind I dont know what the stock one on the 34gtr is like really - its probably already immense hehe!
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