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what colour ?

  • That Blue

    Votes: 188 18.1%
  • Red

    Votes: 48 4.6%
  • White

    Votes: 164 15.8%
  • Purple

    Votes: 240 23.1%
  • Yellow

    Votes: 33 3.2%
  • Silver

    Votes: 106 10.2%
  • Rather have something unique

    Votes: 52 5.0%
  • The colour's not going to put me off

    Votes: 28 2.7%
  • Black

    Votes: 181 17.4%
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I've had a lot of comments about car I'm just about to collect,
but it amazes me that by far the most are about the colour !

If I bought a new car I'd get the colour of my choice
( from the manufacturers limited range ) I don't get it ?
I'm a ford puck orange & yellow fan. Does it matter what
the colour of your car is ?


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colour wont stop me

but black ..
i want shins car !!

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The trouble with the wine red is that it looks a different colour in every photo ... in bright sunlight it looks like a really bright red...

I like yellow myself.... like a diablo mmmmmmmmm:D


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Is their a choice then

Dear unfortunate non Bayside Blue owners.

Well as Nissan themselves chose to promote the best Skyline yet in Bayside Blue I suppose its GOT to be this colour.

I believe they had this colour available when they produced the 32 but wanted to save it for that 'special moment'.

Is it also true that Nissan allowed other colours into their range for owners that have no taste. What a company, so thoughtful.


I'm off now, to pick up my car, so will check this thread later on tonight to see how things are progressing :p . Can't wait.
1 - 20 of 255 Posts
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