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Its quiz time again. :clap:

I was poking around my GTR since I only had it for a couple of weeks and decided to check and make sure there wasn't any surprises for me.

So I move the cover over the ecu and lo and behold, I find this gem.

Does anyone know what it does? I am assuming its to raise the factory rev limit but... you know what assuming does. :chuckle:
If I should remove it and run stock?
How to disconnect it to run stock if that is the best opition?

The green wire runs into the loom and connects to a yellow wire with green tracer.

The Yellow wire plugs into the other side of the Yellow w/ Green tracer.

The red is spliced onto a Black w/ white tracer and the black is grounded.

There is also a green wire in the Stock loom that has had a splice added to it using male and female bullet connectors.

It is connected to itself, like they cut the factory wire, put the connectors on, added a three inch piece of wire and then connected it back into where they originally cut.

Its very strange! :confused:

But anyway.......

Thanks guys, I appreciate any and all help offered. :thumbsup:

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