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i just wondered what engine spec and bhp/lbft they were ?

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Based on the Nismo version road car which was the RS500 style production run of evolution BNR32.

Approx 600hp maximum.

Nismo RS580 turbos.
Nismo 550cc injectors.

Reinik cams, cam wheels, oil pump, forged cooling channel type pistons, fuel rail, alternator bracket, sump baffle, oil breather. Modified stock rods and crank, Group A block. Nismo version exhaust manifolds, stock intercooler, big radiator and massive oil cooler. Extended sump made from 2 stock sumps. . AP or Tilton small diameter multi plate clutch.

In addition.....
Uprated drive shafts and CV joints front and rear, carbon propshaft, magnesium uprights and custom suspension linkages, 10x18 centrelock wheels, close ratio dog leg or sequential box, AP/Alcon brakes - (even carbon discs), magnesium casing on the transfer box, modified subframes with revised pickup locations, diff and box oil coolers, Stack 'GT-R' rev counter....

Weight around 1070kgs.

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Dug up a few more figures on the Australian group A GT-R's :

Some specs on the Winfield car ATCC group A GT-R (GMS Chassis number 5) are :

Nismo Racing block
Nismo or Carillo rods
9.5 to 1 compression (!!)
Garret T3/T28 hybrid turbos
Adjustable cam gears
Custom air box
CAMS pop off valve
NPTI computer
Standard R32GT-R intercooler (!!)
Two large engine oil coolers
50mm thick custom radiator
Standard coils and ignition amplifier (PTU)
2.5" downpipes into 4" Exhaust

Two facet fuel pumps feeding into a 3 litre swirl pot...
...feeding into twin Bosch fuel pumps
...feeding into twin fuel filters and twin regulators
...feeding into a Gilmer mechanical fuel pump belt driven off the engine
...fuel pressure was set to 115psi plus boost (!!!)

Nismo 550cc injectors
PI digital dash
Holinger six speed gearbox
4 position torque split controller
7.25" Tilton carbon triple plate
Oil cooler for front diff at back of engine bay
Oil coolers at rear for rear diff, transfer box and gearbox
14.8" Alcon slotted brake discs and 4 pot AP calipers at the front
13" discs and and 4 pot Harrop calipers at the rear
Brake water spray system
Nismo non-assisted steering rack
HICAS disabled
Bilstein coil-overs
Custom blade anti-roll bars - not adjustable from inside cabin
Castalloy 18" x 10" centrelock rims with slicks

Power was quoted at 631bhp at 7500rpm at 1.9 bar
4.4 to 5.5mpg - 120 litre fuel tank
0 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds and standing quarter in 11.5 seconds

Some figures from another article where the 1991 Nissan/GMS ATCC group A car was tested :

640 bhp
0 to 62mph in 3.2 seconds
0 to 100mph in 6.7 seconds
standing 1/4 mile in 10.9 seconds
At Bathhurst it recorded 186mph top speed at 7700rpm in 6th gear
Handling - 1.7g lateral
Braking - 1g
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