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Just had a bit of a nightmare:mad:

My cambelt slipped and valves met pistons.

i have HKS cams and therefore valves met pistons. All valves are bent but the pistons survive due to low rpm when the cambelt failed. i am looking for the following parts.

New inlet and exhaust valves;
New head gasket;
New head bolts;
New cambelt;
New tension pulleys;
New exhaust/turbo manifold gaskets;
New valve seals and probibly a few other parts.

My question is where should i get the parts from?

I have been quoted about £1600 so far not including labour:nervous:

Would appreciate any advice form members


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Send a mail to all the tuners and see who replies - you might be suprised! You will probably get the best deal by one place doing it all (ie providing the parts and doing the labour)

£1600 seems high though - how much can a set of valvles cost??

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