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Hi guys!

Couldn`t live without a Skyline, so I bought my old car back even it can`t be registered in Norway...

It is a 1998 UK spec from Middelhurst Motorsport.

Specs now:

Os giken Rc3 clutch
Blitz Nur exhaust
Oil-cooler kit
HKS hard-pipe kit/induction
HKS 2530 turbos
HKS L-bows

What do you guys reccomend for tuning? How much bhp can I get without replacing cams and pistons? Should I start with that, or would uprated injectors, AEM-system be enough for how much power?

Let`s say

AEM-system included map

How much would this cost me ready to go from a serious tuner in UK?
And how much sensible power?

Jan Erik
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