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i am offering up my beautiful genuine, rare OZ Racing Wheels.

for those in the know you will recognise this iconic wheel, designed specifically for racing. very strong, great design and in great condition.
they have just been fitted with new Avon ZZ3 265/35/18 track/fast road tyres with approx 100mls on them, basically brand new. tyres alone would be near on £800 fitted.
i am open to offers and would like to start the bidding at £1,150 + £50P&P to UK mainland.

they have never been curbed or damaged in any way. and that is not a scuff on the first pic, just light refelction.
however, there is 3 very minor scuffs to the piant work as shown in the pics. the wheel itself is not damaged in any way, just a clumsy tyre fitters slip that has caught the paintwork in two areas and the other i can only presume a stone scuff.
they have been re-painted in a deep gold (originally more bronze in appearance)
but only due to the fact some git tyre fitter chipped the paintwork removing my old tyres to fit the new ones...
the scratches can only be seen very close up. other than that they are in great condition.

i am completely open to offers as i need to the money to fund my track car project.
as fitted on my car....


some tech pics

tyres in brand new condition

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