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I enquired for a basic car nitrous set up... they come with 25 bhp, then for little extra money u upgrade injector sizes.. they replied to my email with below:

Thank you for the interest in our products. We
have no problem with fixing
you up with a Nitrous system for your car
We can offer you a suitable system ( Megablast
100 ) as a diy kit at £489,
which will achieve whatever power level you want
( up to 100+ bhp ).
We start everyone off at 25bhp and increase it to
suit your requirements.
We can also offer a range of progressive control
units ranging from the
Minimax @ £159 to £389 for the Powamax 700. All
our systems deliver
smoother power than US made kits, which makes our
systems safer to use.
If you add progressive control it's even better.
We can fit the system for you at a cost of £300
but you can do most of the
job yourself and then bring it for us to finish
off and check over - you do
need it setting up on a dyno, we have a "G" meter
that tells "all".
We "manufacture" our systems, so they are
constantly in stock for almost
immediate despatch - for us to fit we would need
4 weeks notice, but to
check over what you've done and finish it off
needs only 2 weeks notice.
All prices are plus postage & vat.
PS. if you used our Nitrous system all day every
day you would not "cook"
your engine and are at no risk of engine failure
through using "our"

Hope it works for you and let me now what you think... I never bothered getting it, I just got a faster car :)


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I bought a Highpower Nitrous system for my Skyline and am in the process of installing it at the moment. I'm looking to use mine to come in at low revs to help spool up the turbo as I've just had a single T-78 fitted.

It should also be able to operate on the odd occassion when the turbo is on full song, and hopefully, with a bit of luck and a tail wind the car will start to go back in time!
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