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There, though that would get your attention :chuckle:

As many people do not seem to check this thread regularly - - I thought I would highlight this particular subject as I receive messages on this quite a lot so this should help clear things up for the future.

I often get new members - or those renewing who have paid for a new membership pack - informing me that they paid anything from 3 days ago to up to a few months and their GTROC Membership Pack still hasn't arrived! So after yet another small spate of this happening I have done some investigation into why this seems to happen so often and have found the answer :thumbsup:

* Firstly anything ordered from the GTROC Online Shop can take UP TO 28 DAYS TO ARRIVE with longer delays for natural disasters, Christmas, Icelandic volcanoes etc. :D More often than not you will receive your items much quicker, but this still applies to membership packs as well!

* The GTROC Membership Pack is not small, think of a package between A3 and A4 size and about an inch thick! So is your letterbox going to accommodate this?

* I have also been informed in some areas due to the size of the GTROC Membership Pack, the Royal Mail will also ask for a signature on delivery.

* So when your local Postie cannot fit your membership pack through said letterbox, or get a reply when they knock. Your membership pack then goes back to your local Royal Mail Sorting Office. Your Postie may or may not leave you a card informing you of this.

* Usually the Royal Mail will try to redeliver your membership pack from the said local sorting office on another day. If this is also unsuccessful they will leave a card informing you to collect the package from the local sorting office.

* If your membership package is not collected anything between two weeks, to a month or more in some areas. The Royal Mail will then return your membership pack to us at our official address :eek:

* Please note that the official GTROC address is at the other side of the country to me. So once your membership pack is processed at our main address, you guessed it, it then has to be sent to me to chase up! So thus creating a further delay and before you ask I do not give out my address to anyone :)


* When your purchase anything from the GTROC Online Shop you can specify a different delivery address - please use it and if we can deliver to your office, parents, a good neighbour then you will get your shiny pack more quickly!

* Please make sure you have logged on to WWW.GTROC.ORG before you make any purchases. People who dont sign in will appear on our records as a GUEST which makes things take much longer when investigating late or missing purchases - mind you for many items you need to log in first anyway!

* Make sure you collect your items from the sorting office!

* If you have any further queries please email from the contact form on the site or email me directly at [email protected] as I now don't use PM's on this forum.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this will sort a number of common problems out.
One important thing is I do not work for Royal Mail and cannot speak on their behalf in regards to their policies or any problems with deliveries that they are facing.
I also do not have any control once it leaves the GTROC.
Delivery issues are rare and we are always here to help :D
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