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I'm looking to get a new ECU for the car (now it's finally here) but unsure what to get with the Skyline :(

I have attached the Spec list below if that helps (for the engine anyway) so need something hat can cope with all these bits.

From what I can gather the options would be: HKS F-Con, Apexi Power FC, Motec, Pectel & probably a few more.

However - I think the most limiting factor power wise on the car must be that it still has the Air Flow Meters intact so I need an ECU that I can ditch the bloody things with.

Any help appreciated :)


RS Yamamoto BCNR33 V-Spec 1998 (2.76 cc engine)
Pistons HKS
Crank TRUST 2.7 stroke
Cam Shaft 268/272 intake and exhaust HKS + Sprokets
Oil pan Trust sump
Head HKS kunsia (Large big springs)
Head bolt Tommei
Gasket (1.4 metal) HKS
Oil catch tank WISE
Oil cooler (GREX)
Water Pump Trust
Oil pump Trust
Valve cover (polished) Tuner
Pulley complete Red Set Trust
Wastegate (Trust)
Exhaust Manifold HKS
Down pipe Greddy
Injectors 980 CC
Fuel Pumps 2 R-34 GTR type pumps in tank
Fuel Regulator R model HKS
Spark plug HKS #9
Computer HKS F con (BNR 32 type)
Flow meter Z-32 type (Large)*2
Exhaust All Stainless steel Custom
Electornics 2 HKS EIDS-Pro (Electronic Idle Stabilizer)
Boost control Greedy Profic with remote steering control
Flow meter control HKS Control Module
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