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Prodrive Banbury GTROC MLR tour SUNDAY APRIL 13TH

For anyone who may not have seen this yet.. It's this SUNDAY April 13th here is the latest list from the EVENTS SECTION for those that will be coming along / want to come along / meet up on route..


01. Rog350z - GTROC Chairman
02. John Miskin
03. Blue34 + possible 1 (paid)
04. Barry P. + 1
05. West gtr
06. Grahamc + 1 (paid)
07. Ross (paid)
08. Fuggles
09. Mudflap (paid)

Guests (O F Racing)
1. J Laycock
2. A Broadway

Mitsubishi Lancer Register (list taken from their forum)

1. martinevo +1
2. Gwigga
3. David +1 (paid)
4.Thebooosh + 1
5. scratt (paid)
6. adamfitz +1
7. MadBoff +2
8. chiles (paid)
9. Mandarin +2 (paid)
10. Paddyevox +1

Rough count that's 31 places taken out of 50 so in total 19 places remaining -

Not too late to come along this will be a fun event starting at 11am taking in the factory, WRC and Astone Martin Racing etc.. and the Prodrive Heritage museum with a wide range of exhibits from F1 to Rally. Details in club shop at

When we finish at around 4PM we can nominate a local pub to adjourn to..

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GTROC club sec with a post count of over 3000 organising a tour of Prodrive for members and forum users..

Yes. for sure this is a reminder for those who maybe don't look in the events section regularly and who might want to attend - but it's also a heads up on who's going in case anybody else wants to meet up or join in..

Would you like to come along? the full details are in the meetings and events section..

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MY 14 car at Prodrive Tour

A quick heads up for those attending or maybe thinking of attending, Rog our GTROC Chairman will be coming to the event in and showing us round a brand new WLMG MY 14 GTR on Sunday 13th from 11-4 at Prodrive HQ Banbury J11 M40
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