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Just to get things started I thought it would be fun to find out why people bought a Skyline.

I bought mine after spending huge amounts of cash countless hours of blood sweat and tears getting a Ferrari 308 to go around the Nuerburgring, only to be passed buy Chaterham 7's, Q car’s, and Skyline's.

The other consideration was that my wife and I were planning a family and wanted 4 seats.

I had first heard of the Skyline on Discovery channel years ago. Some dude talking about his car collection, which included a Jaguar XJ220, stating the best car in the world for him was a Nissan Skyline R32-GTR.

I test drove an R33-GTR from DRS cars and was instantly impressed. 2 month’s later I had an R33-GTR and never looked back.

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One of the most versatile supercars on the planet, can be driven as everyday transport, and loads of fun on the week-ends!

I really can't think of a 4 seter that can give as much as the GTR can to its owner.

and lets not forget how much fun it is to slowly tune it's like having your own little racing team:D

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It is the nearest thing I could find to a sportsbike, whilst giving me the ease of 4 seats, driveability and fair sized boot. Notwithstanding the exclusivity,desireability and legendary attachment that all Skylines have. These thoughts are based on the 33 that I owned previously to my current 34.

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The GTR33 was a natural progression from my previous cars.

Started small, and jesy kept getting bigger and more uninvolving to drive, so I changed direction and went sporty.

The list for the last 5 years goes like this

Toyota Celica GT , too small for my 6'4 frame but fun
Jag Sovereign, big comfy, reasonalbe drive but slow
Jag XJR, same as above but much better perfomance
BMW 740 , enormous German barge, so boring to drive I was in danger of falling asleep at the wheel
Subaru Impreza WRX STI R, fantastic road holding (like a go cart with 4 seats), so quick of the mark, just loved the short ratio box, and the group N suspension.
And the only way to go after that was the Skyline, spent 6 months looking for a good Purple one, finally found one in a Ferrari dealership in London, It had a complete engine rebuild, and reworking 2000 miles before I got it courtesy of Abbey, the bodywork was totally unmarked, and I just had to have it. It also had a useable clutch, which compared to the others I had driven (triple plates) was a blessing.

So far I cannot fault the car for handling, grunt, or anything else. Although the handling took a bit of getting used to after the Impreza (had a few big tail out moments with it, but I'm learning)

The only question is, where do I go from here, what could be better?:confused:

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Why a Skyline...

I wanted a car that was different. Not in a shitty Kit-Car way, but with real proper car values such as build and integrity. I’ve always been into the tuning / development of motors of all types but it was the Skyline that really offered me the chance to make something really special.

Sod the 4-seats / practicality malarkey, I wanted to simply have the ugliest most raucous motor on the road - In fact I’ve ripped the seats out of mine and stuck in a couple of very supportive, if uncomfortable Sparco’s.

There is no other car that I can think off that has the ability to be made to look, sound and perform to such an aggressive degree as the Nissan Skyline. In standard form it’s quite bold and exciting however, when it’s been on a triple dose course of horse steroids, it’s the absolute King!!

Consequently, I have been stuffing my thoughbred with performance enhancing goodies every since I bought it and have never looked back.

I have a number of other rather poncy / fast cars that I seem to chop and change on a regular basis, but I really think my Skyline will stay with me for good.


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Why did I buy a Skyline? Well, simply put the Skyline has always been a dream car for me for quite a few years now, for me it rates alongside the only other car I would consider having - a Ferrari !

I have had my R33 for over two years now and it really is the best car I have ever owned, the relialability is just 100% and the looks from people in the street when my GTS cruises past just has to be one of the best feelings ever ! The amount of times people come up to me in the street and say 'can I have a look inside your Skyline mate' is unreal too !

Okay - my GTS is non-turbo so it is really slow and very very tail happy in the wet, but hey, it's all part of the fun !, I hope to upgrade it to a GT-R within the next 12 months though :D

I must talk my boss into that promised pay rise !!!


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My 1st Skyline

I 'dug' this thread up when looking through all of the threads to make myself an index list of hyperlinks so that I can find the old ones quicker.
I have had hot hatches and sports cars for years - astra gtes, manta gtes, escort mk2s etc and ended up up with an audi coupe and then renault 19 16v.
The audi was 100% reliable and cheap to run but was boring to drive. The Renault handled superb but had poor traction in the wet (140bhp) and kept going wrong and cost a fortune to fix.
So I decided to go for a japanese car with turbo(s) and hopefully reliability with power.
I spent 6 months looking for a skyline around 10k (not much choice) and was put off evo's and impreza's as I wanted big power but with little mods. As the skyline makes so much power with so little effort, e.g. filters, exhaust, turbos, intercooler, ecu it seemed the right choice.
I checked out mine as it was advertised at 10.5k and had 350bhp (but makes 450bhp at 1.4 bar). After the test drive and demo by previous owner I was hooked as it redefines speed even when you have been in an evo 4 full pelt.

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Yeti Said:
Toyota Celica GT
Jag Sovereign, big comfy, reasonalbe drive but slow
BMW 740
Subaru Impreza WRX STI R
And the only way to go after that was the Skyline
Funny the pattern we follow..

I went

Jag Sovereign
Toyota Celica GT
Subaru Impreza
And the only way to go after that was the Skyline ;)

(Oh, and my Lotus Exige for track use :D )

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the road to enlightenment

very interesting thread - fascinating to see how everyone got to skyline heaven. for what its worth, i went:

alfa 75 twin spark - great car, great engine :D , went sideways through a dry stone wall :eek:
tvr s1 - a hoot but built like a cardboard egg carton and overheated if you went more than 80mph
tvr s2 - better
tvr chimaera - much better
tvr griff 500 - great power, kept breaking down :mad:
m3 - got it for the reliability:) ...but a bit boring:(
r33 - just sensational, absolutely blew me away when i test drove it at middlehurst having driven over in the bmw:D
porsche 911 - just a big mistake: bought it shortly before they cut the prices:eek: , nice chassis but, at the end of the day, it is just so grown up and sensible after a skyline, so i took a bath, bought another skyline and am back in that great position of making every journey twice as far as it needs to be. My only concern now is how unutterably ugly the R35 is presently looking - especially compared to the really tasty 'earlier' r35 designs...:eek:

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Because all of a sudden Porsches became too expensive,Performance Car Mag 1997 June ?(the one with the R33`s on the front cover) was a big wow factor for me and I was & still am proud to own one of the Worlds best kept secrets, the
Skyline GT-R.

:D Henry.:D

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Why? RES IPSA LOQUITOR. (the thing speaks for itself)!:D

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What did it for me was going to a Datsun owners club day at Goodwood in my Suzuki Cappuccino (my intro to Jap Turbos!) and watching these things called Skylines powering out of the chicane on the main straight - at that point I wanted one...

..and about 2 years later swapped the Cappuccino for one.

Used every day to & from work it makes for a great drive very very practical and reliable.

And the only upgrade for me is to some Italian exotica which is way out of my price range and probably a lot more impractical...

Downside is mpg (lack of) and insurance cost (too much of)...


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Skyline road

Here's my progression to the Skyline, it starts humbly, but gets there in the end :-

Fiesta 1.3 Ghia
Audi coupe 2.2 fi
Scirocco GTX
Nissan 200SX
Ferrari 328 GTS
TVR Chimaera 4.3
Ferrari F355 GTS
Skyline R32
Skyline R33
Skyline R34

Basically, it was time to get rid of the Chimaera (it was a company car) and I'd had a go in David's "infinite grip" R32 and had to get one ... so I did :)

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Found out about the car and got some video's sent from Japan, then got a ride in one with Middlehurst and that was it!

Here's my ladder to the Skyline:

VW Polo 1.1
VW Polo 1.3
Fiat uno Turbo
Cortina (hard to admit but true)
Suzuki SG 100 Lethal in wet
Honda Civic
Range Rover Vogue
Peugeot 205 GTI
Peugeot 309 GTI Goodwood
Nissan 300 ZX
R33 and Alpina B10 V8 at same time

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My route :-
Avenger Tiger
Triumph 2.5 PI
Celica 1600GT Twin Cam
Firenza Droopsnoot
Honda Legend
205 GTI
Subaru Legacy Turbo
Clio Williams Dimma
BMW 325
Skyline R33 GTR V-SPEC

Current cars
Skyline R33 GTR V-SPEC
Shogun Evolution
Jaguar Sovereign

Reasons for buying a skyline
Impreza is too common
Jeremy Clarkson
EVO Magazine
David YU

And should David Yu be allowed to attend any and all skyline events whether or not he currently has a skyline?
Course he should. Disappointed if he didn't.

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Skyline - Truly "Awesome" in every respect

Here's my ladder to Skyline

Mk3 Cortina
Mk1 Granada (3ltr Man, old Sweeney mobile)
Datsun 240Z (wish I'd never sold it big regrets)
Granada Scorpio (company car)
Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Targa
Skyline GT-R 33 (current)
Skyline GT-R 34 (next car when I can afford it)


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Better than anyone said!

I have been into Q cars for some time some I would have liked some I have had!!

Wanted Audi Quatro Rally Speck, TVR, Subru Legace, and some others

Here's my ladder to the Skyline:

Lots of Motor Bikes and Still have!

Dolimite Sprit (First car)
Mk4 Cortina Estate With twin 40" Lowered lots of fun
3 lt Capri ( How I did not kill my self or the car I am not sure)
Mini (bourght House) Engines 998cc then 1275 then pinto 2000cc
Never ran with MOT!!

Lots of Company hacks with only one worth a mention RS Turbo

West Field 7 1700 Cross flow, Built with Next door Naibour Lost on Flip of Coin, did some track days!
Mazda 323 4*4 Turbo (modified by car from behind, resheled)

Curent Non runners

Land rover Serirs 3 1973 (In bits)
Project V8 offroader 100" Landrover Never ending Project!
Resheled 1986 Mazda 323 4*4 Turbo running 200BHP Crashed (still Have as spears)
MG miget 1972 Found in back of shed someone left there! trying to get in one peace and sell some time!

Curent on the Road

Escort XR3I 1990 Convertable (As new)
Golf GTI 16V 1986 it just won't go away.
Black Mazda 323 4*4 turbo 198BHP 1987 (Daily Drive before Skyline)
Daimler 250 V8 1967 Clasic Sunday car
Saab 900 turbo Auto Convertable 1995 for the Wife
Big White VAN 1994 (skyline trackday support Van)
Skyline 1996 R33 Vspec (top Car):smokin:

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a little different story here

I am a little different compare to you guys, since I am addicted to cars ever since I was 13, and I can't afford any nice car until now, so after 12 years of looking at and comparing all the different car, I know Skyline GTR is the best car that fit my needs.

My first car is a FWD 1987 Toyota Celica 2.0 GT, which I got for cheap when I was 17. It has been modified with a number of naturally aspirated TRD parts, it makes 180 HP at the flywheel now, which is not bad for what it is.

The reason I got the Skyline GTR is:

-the potential to make hugh amount of horsepower with mod, the
Supra twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE can make similar power, but it is only
RWD, so it is a very scary car to drive with high horsepower. A
friend of mind have 465HP in his Supra, he would lose traction in
the rear tire when he floor the throttle in 3rd gear when he was
traveling at 75mph, it is very scary to get sideway at 75mph!!!

-4WD, reason explain above.

-exclusive, there are a total of 6 R34 GTR in the US right now.

-4 seats. My other choice is the NSX, which only have 2 seats.


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Why my GTR?

Gosh, so many people had really sad cars when they were younger - so glad I'm not the only one;
Triumph 1500
Ford Cortina
Dolomite Sprint
Toyota Celica
Vauxhall Cavalier
Ford Scorpio
Toyota Carina
Skyline GTR33

- okay so ther's a bit of a jump up at the end! But I made it eventually:D

Why a GTR? I blame Jeremy Clarkson. When I had hair was watching Clarkson raving on about a car that looked really average but went like stink. As I was always one for performance over looks (all of those listed about were modified in some way) this seemed the perfect vehicle.

Why? - Who gives a shit about four seats! Set of golf clubs in the boot and we're off. Handles great, goes like a bat on steroids. I did drive my girlfriends ex-husbands Caterham 7 (resisted the temptation to park it inside a wall :D ). Great fun but a bit too 'Noddy' for me.

All in all. Great car, good performance, outstanding road holding, recognised by those who "know" and (most importnatly of all) - My girlfriend is too short to see over the wheel so is not allowed to drive it! :D - "Cushions Dear? What cushions"

Ooops - better go :eek:


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From "Mrs" Fuggles (aka Claire)

Well HELLO boys!!!! ;)

I have driven the GTR several times now, okay I need three cushions to see over the wheel, but the enthusiasm is there!!!

Here's a list of my drives:

Mini (First car :)

MG Metro God knows what made me buy this heap of S*it, it had a carburettor problem, where it kept "running on" so I killed it with "Redex"

Renault GT Turbo - (company cars) Boy did this car fly. Everytime I got into it I broke out in a sweat.

911 - Once again same problem with the wheel & my height, but it was okay.....

Lotus Esprit Turbo - Round the block in 30seconds! Marina engine

Caterham 7 - Ex-husband's car, used to drive quite a bit with the speedo cable detached so he wouldn't know :D

Skyline R33 GTR - The fastest car I have ever been in. Hardly comfortable, but hey it wasn't built for that! Solid and handles like it's on rails. John, picked the car up yesterday from Abbey, a quick service and huge modifications. Now there is a whooshing noise everytime he accelerates and I keep a set of "worry beads" in the glove compartment. The good news is, he drives SO fast it makes my eyes water, so I can't actually see what's going on anyway.:D

Start slow - finish fast - Do you mean the car??????:D :D :D
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