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Hey guys. First let me say that this is not another "What wheels look best on my GTR33" thread. This is a question strictly from a performance standpoint.

I currently have a GTR33 with GTR34 V-Spec wheels on it and I LOVE them to death. I think they are the coolest looking wheels. However, they were curbed pretty badly when I purchased the car and I would have to spend a few hundred dollars to get them repaired. About 600USD.

My question is this; I am shooting for about 600WHP on my street machine GTR33. I also plan to upgrade the braking system to a big disk brake system, which I know most will work with 17" wheels, so I am assuming that it is not necessary to upgrade the actual size of the rim. However I want to make sure before I spend this money on these current wheels that it is not necessary to go with a wheel that supports a wider tire for my power and usage goals. I mean will the GTR34 V-Spec wheels suffice from a performance standpoint or do I need to get a new set of rims that support fatter tires?

Thanks a lot for the help guys, As I said I am asking strictly from a performance standpoint.

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