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I thought I might give some input here. (This is my personal opinion of course)

I have owned an R33 GTSt for over 10 years now, (its the GTT of the R33 world) I have enjoyed the car immensely and never once in all that time have I ever considered a GTR or wished I had bought a GTR instead. I have however considered an R34GTT.

I feel the added performance of the GTR just isn't worth it for the way I use the car and I prefer the mechanically simpler setup on the GTS as well as the lighter weight. You can of course tune the RB25 to give very good power too. (I don't know my power, it's possibly around 400 at the crank, it's certainly got grin worthy acceleration at those levels)

Yes. the GTR may have a performance advantage and may be faster on a track or at top speed but honestly, 99.9% of the time it makes no difference at all to me especially since I don't race people and use the car purely for my own pleasure.

Had a lot of good times with my little old GTSt and unless I destroy it somehow I foresee many many more years of ownership. :)

Good luck with whatever you buy :)
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