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Hi all.

I have recently purchased my first ever Skyline and am looking forward to becoming a GTR owner.

It is a fresh import 1992 R32 GTR in gunmetal grey sourced and supplied by Jurgen at JM Imports.
It has covered 107507km (66801 miles) and in immaculate condition for its age.
It is pretty standard apart from some nice sutble mods.

Current spec:

Nissan oil pump
ACL race bearings
Nismo downpipes
Unknown brand exhaust
Nismo slave cylinder
Endless brake stopper

Nismo clutch
Nismo front LSD

Nismo front strut brace
Nismo rear strut brace
Uprated ARB bushes
Uprated droplinks

Brakes & Wheels
Uprated rear discs
Project Mu rear pads

Nismo N1 vents
Nismo bonnet lip

Interior & Electronics
Nismo 260km/h speedo
Greddy boost gauge in glove box
Apexi turbo timer
Unknown brand manual boost controller
IMPUL pedals

The car is currently getting new oil pump and bearings as a rattle developed just before collection so will be another week or 2 wait till collection.

Already ordered some parts for the car so will be updating with them as well.

Thanks for looking.

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Ooh that's very clean:)

Interesting how it has an uprated front diff... Always wondered what they're like..

Lovely car!
Thanks mate and yeah, was quite surprised when Jurgen told me it had a Nismo front diff.
Says it sends about 60% of the power to the rear now so it's quite drifty round corners... looking forward to trying it out lol.

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Update on the car.

The engine was stripped on Monday and hopefully bearings will be ordered by now.
New oil pump was in last week so fingers crossed, itll be all put back together and ready for this weekend or failing that, next week.

A pic on it on the ramps.


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Further updates.

New oil pump and rod and main bearings are now fitted so engine will be fitted back in the car on Monday then just need to run it in for 200 miles and cleaned again then should be ready for collection next weekend.

Also turns out my Nismo clutch has a lightened flywheel as well.

Happy days :D
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