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ATMs in Japan

In general, the Japanese Banks's ATMs are not connected to CIRRUS, PLUS, etc networks for ATMs. As a result, it is very difficult to use non Japanese cards to withdraw money from Japanese banks. However, you do have some options(depends on what town/city there will be in). 1st Opt - There are a few Citibank ATMs around Tokyo so they accept non Japanese cards. 2nd options - The Japanese Credit Card Issuers (like Saison Credit) run ATMs that accept non Japanese Visa/Nasrecards for cash advances.

In terms of stores accepting cash/cards, in general Japan is a cash society however, I have never seen a place that did not accept a card except for the Mom/Pop resturant in the middle of nowhere......


PS - I xill check with a friend who is in Japan for FIFA to see if they have/know any plans to put cash machines at some of the playing venues..
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