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Hope I'm allowed to post this...

Got a set of worn original Dunlop's from my MY12 GTR with a punctures in front and rear off-side tyres.

If they are any use to you and you can collect from around the Brighton area, then they are yours free of charge.

Otherwise they're going in the dump - the missus can't stomach them hanging around any longer!

This is the tread depths if that's of any relevance:

Off-side Inner: 1mm, Middle: 3.5mm, Outer: 3.6mm
Near-side Inner: 1mm, Middle: 3.2mm, Outer: 3.6mm

Off-side Inner: 1.9mm, Middle: 2.3mm, Outer: 4.0mm
Near-side Inner: 1.7mm, Middle: 2.1mm, Outer: 3.8mm
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