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Hey guys. I am in the process of doing a pretty decent build on my GTR33 and I consequently need a bunch of parts. Before I went out and bought everything new, I figured I would see if the guys on the boards had the parts slightly used to get a better price on them so I can buy more of them. lol. I am looking to get most of this stuff pretty quickly so if you have it let me know and I will buy it ASAP. Thx.

Anyway, here is a list of all of the stuff which I need for my build. While as I stated above, I would really prefer to get this stuff used in good to mint condition, if you have it new for a good price let me know and I will buy that too. Thx guys. I dont really expect to get all of this used, but I figured it doesnt hurt to try! Well here is the list:

Greddy Front Extension DP
Nismo or Greddy Inlet Plenum
ARC Induction Box Kit
Tomei PonCam 260/260
HKS or Tomei Cam Gears
N1 Oil Pump
Upgraded Oil Sending Unit
Upgraded Pistons/Rods (?)
Upgraded Rod Bolts
Tensioner Idler Pulley

Fuel System:
Nismo, SARD(prefer) or Apexi Fuel Pump
770CC Injections
Z32 AFM X2 w/ plugs and wires

FC Datalogit
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
AEM Wideband

Upgraded Race FMIC (open to brands)
Koyo, Fluidyne, or Greddy Radiator
Nismo Thermostat
Greddy or HKS or ARC Oil Cooler w/ Relocate

Nismo Gauge Cluster

Thanks guys.

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