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Hey guys. I am looking for a few Misc. Parts for my GTR33. If anyone has them it would be greatly appreciated. I know a few (1 or 2) can be found on eBay however I would REALLY prefer OEM. Thanks.

- Drivers Side GT Badge (you know the little red and white badge on the side of the car that says GT)
- Rear GTR Badge (yes I know I can get it from eBay but I would prefer OEM)
- Drivers Side Overhead Visor (the one WITH the JDM sticker on it)
- Leather Shift Boot (shifter not brake)
- Trunk/Boot Carpet (the one actually IN the trunk/boot)
- OEM RAM induction piece (you know the peice that goes into the airbox and then comes out by the hood for cold air induction)

If you guys have this stuff I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks a lot. Please either send me a PM or call if you have it, I need these parts ASAP.

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