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For anyone with Call of Duty 2 in their possession, a nice little glitch has been found in the game that will allow you to have 300 Kill multiplayer games with 30+ minute time limits. You will need two people to perform the glitch and a really good connection.

COD2 Multiplayer Glitch Discovered

A glitch has been discovered within Call of Duty 2 that allow players to customize their online multiplayer games, specifically the level, kill count, and time limit.

To use the glitch you need two people. Player one needs to go to system link and create a game (here they can use whatever level, kill count, and time limit settings they want). Just stay on this screen for now and dont start the game.

Player two then needs to invite player one into a different game (be it Arcade or otherwise). Player one should accept the invite, but when it asks them to log out of COD2, shoud click no.

This turns on the glitch, which allows the players to play a match with the settings chosen in the system link.

It is recommended that the host of the game (player one) has a good upload speed!

Happy gaming
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