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We would like to announce a New brand of clutch to forum members, Xtreme clutch from Australia.

As from January this year Clark Motorsport became the sole UK Distributor for Xtreme. Now we have taken stocks to cover the full range for Nissan Skyline available in the UK.

Xtreme clutch are a sub branch of ACS clutch (Adelade Clutch Services) and are Australia’s largest clutch manufacturer producing OEM, Outback 4x4 and Performance range.

Firstly we tested the clutches in some high profile cars in different forms from Drag Racing, Time Attack, Circuit, Rally and in Sprint with excellent results. Xtreme Clutch sponsor Andy Forrest’s impressive Impreza running 3.6L twin GT35 and NOS pushing out over 1000hp on the 230mm Carbon twin. Andy was TOTB winner this year. RA Motorsport running their Impreza with Ceramic Twin in Time Attack. Russ Paton also running the Ceramic Twin at 700hp+ in his Evo. Multiple guys in the MLR sprint series including Graeme Jarem from Whiteline UK in his Impreza, also a Rally customer in Northern Ireland with his Evo 9 Liam McFall, all currently running well with the Xtreme brand.

We are offering the full range from Organic single plates and flywheel kits to twin pates in Ceramic and Carbon blade. All kits come with Spigot and release bearings and alignment tool where applicable.

Also Xtreme offer a range of clutch parts in the way of Flywheels,
Unlike some other clutch brands we offer full UK based support on all our clutches sold by us. And all clutches are fully serviceable with replacement parts available quickly and all reasonably priced.

Trade inquiries also welcome

PM us for more information
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