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Hi all,

Three new Prima Car Care releases that are now in stock and ready to go!

Prima Hydro - rrp £7.99
A remarkably durable wax-as-you-dry spray (Polymer Wax/Sealant to be exact). After washing your car but before you dry, simply mist Hydro on the surface. Proceed to dry normally. The result? A beautiful glossy slick surface with solid protection. Why wax when you can Hydro?

Prima Nero Vinyl & Rubber Protection - rrp £7.49
A water-based vinyl and rubber protectant and dressing for both interior and exterior surfaces. Water-based means no messy, high-shine oils! It leaves the surface with a rich, silky, matte finish. UV inhibitors defend against sun damage and gives Nero has excellent durabiity.
Suggested uses: dash, exterior plastic trim, tyres, and any other plastic or vinyl surfaces.

Prima Finish Light Cut Polish - rrp £9.99
A light finishing polish used to remove fine paint imperfections, such as hazing left by a more aggressive polish. Finish contains mild cleaners which help remove oxidation buildup. Finish is silicone and wax free.
*Note* - Finish is VERY light, and is primarily mean't for removing buffer haze and contamination, not for actual swirl removal. To put it in contrast with other polishes, it's slightly lighter than Poorboy's World SSR 1 polish.

I'll be posting some pics this coming weekend but, as with all Prima's earlier products, am VERY impressed with the way they are working so far.

Usual GTROC discount applies: 10% by cheque or 6.5% by Paypal. Cheque payment details are on the website. Paypal address is [email protected]
(don't forget the underscore between 'serious' and 'performance').

Any questions feel free to call me, pm or e-mail me at [email protected].

Cheers! :clap:
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