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Hi all,

I'm currently running 485 bhp on my R-32, The seals and possibly bearings have gone on my turbos, so i need to rebuild them,
1, Cheapest option and keeps to same power and characteristics i'm used to.
2, Upgrade to 2860-7 believe to be 520 bhp, small increase in power.
3, Upgrade to 2860-5 believe to be 640 bhp, Nice.
Now the reason for my question is, i've read and been told 480 bhp..ish is ideal for road use (which is what i use it for) but i feel i want more, can handle more, and car is capable of handling more,ie; steel rods,forged pistons,headwork,cams,injectors,ati damper,fuel rail,twin plate clutch,close ratio box,tein adj dampers,tie bars,several strengthening bars.
Ive also read to go with the smallest turbos you require that make the power you want,
So what do you think is ideal for the road?
Would 520bhp be enough.
would you run 2860-5 on low boost to make, I don't know say about 550-560 bhp?
Your comments will be appreciated.

Cheers PJ

Like it twice as much of a chance of peeps reading this.
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